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5 Reasons to Print Your Photos

why to print your photos

We have evolved into a digital world. Everything is digital. I have my children’s entire life captured on an iPhone and backed it up to the “cloud.” I can still remember during my high school days when I actually took photos to the camera shop for processing and the excitement it brought while waiting for them to be developed.

Let’s be honest, photographs were meant for printing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a digital file just as much as the next person. I enjoy sharing images online via social media, but I do still print out my images. Do you want to know why?

Printed images help to pull you back to that very moment in time. Visually being able to hold and see those bold colors almost jump off the page gives us a nostalgic feeling. I remember moments so much better when viewing printed images.

I think back to my great grandparents’ days and all the old photo albums we scrolled through together as a family to reminisce about the “good old days.” Can you image if you had to go find a hard drive and figure out how to get to all those images?

Here are 5 Reasons to Print your Photos

5 Reasons to Print your Photos

Wall Art Display

What better way to decorate your home than with your own images. The opportunities for wall art display are endless. From metal prints, wood prints, canvases, collages, or mat prints, you can decorate your home and display your beautiful life for everyone to see daily. Images visible through your home make a house really feel like a home. It gives the appearance of love throughout the home.


You grandma doesn’t want a watermarked image for her Facebook page or a digital file to keep on a computer. Family and friends cherish prints to display of their loved ones throughout their home. Prints as gifts are classic and timeless and will truly stand the test of time. Think about when you are long gone from this earth, your family and friends will still have printed images you provided them.

Visual Reminder

Your iPhone or cloud device has probably somewhere near 7,000 plus photos. There is no way to have a clear or easy visual reminder of the things you did on a certain day without going through and performing a huge search. A tangible visual reminder of important times in your life should be easily assessable.

For Your Kids

My children LOVE flipping through the custom made albums I have made for them over the years. Each child has a unique and custom made album for all of the activities we have done throughout the year or even just a special trip like our last vacation to Disney. My kids do not have social media or phones and albums/prints help  them to relive the moment.

Technology Can Fail

Do you really want to trust your most perfect memories to a thumb-drive or cloud device? Your wedding, birth of a child, child’s first birthday, first family vacation all on a thumb-drive? I had an external hard drive with memories from college that was never backed up. Years went by, and I went to plug the external hard drive in only to find it had failed. I called around for quotes on how to salvage those images and received some pretty LARGE quotes that I just couldn’t afford at the time. Thankfully, I printed a LOT of images throughout my college experience and have a pretty large box full of images I have saved. But what would have happened if I didn’t? What if even after paying to see if they could fix this external hard drive, it wasn’t possible? All of those memories gone!

I hope I have encouraged you to stop living SO much in a digital world, and still print those moments captured.

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