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L Nicole Photography Rebrand

Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally reveal the rebrand of L Nicole Photography. For over a year I have been “in the process” of rebranding my website and talking with many different web developers and designers. When I first started L Nicole Photography, it happened really quick.

The idea to start a newborn photography business and I did just that… launched my business. I went full force in training classes online and started following some of the top newborn photographers in the county. I started local photography courses and traveled to North Carolina and Washington, DC for hands on classes.

I worked with a designer to have my logo made, but made my own website. It has been three years since I started my business and wanted my website to represent my style and company. About a month ago, I contacted Henderson Lafond with Bella- B. Henderson has a passion for working with small businesses and offers affordable design service and consulting. I loved her portfolio online and how responsive she was and knew she would be perfect for the task. One of the first things she had me complete was a questionnaire to understand what I like/dislike and what kind of image did I have in mind for this photography rebrand.

I wanted to change my logo to something more modern/contemporary and that I wanted my website to have clean lines and become very simplistic. I wanted a handwritten styled logo.

Previous Logo:

L Nicole Photography

New Logo:

L Nicole Photography

Next up was to tackle the website. I created my site with ProPhoto originally, but wanted to give Henderson Lafond creative freedom with the site. There were many late nights, and countless hours spent to make it all perfect. I had a vision and she was more than patient with me as we made hundreds of tweaks. I hope you enjoy the new rebrand of L Nicole Photography.

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